• Testing the Functions When Put Together

    Alvi Ahmed02/23/2019 at 08:24 0 comments

    In this log, I put the functions all together in one file and see if they can work together without any bugs or complications.

    After these tests, I seems that the only bugs are flickering and the nightmode not properly working. This can due to a number issues from hardware to software.

    Further tweaking of the code will be necessary in order to mitigate the flickering.

    The next step will be to create the full the schematic, design the actual table light and where each strip should go. As well fixing the code.

  • First Steps

    Alvi Ahmed02/23/2019 at 07:53 0 comments

    Since I am planning on including different types of functions in this work table light, I decided to everything one by one and start off small.

    That is why before attempting to make the whole thing at once I coded each individual element of this table light and tested each function separately to ensure that everything will together once everything was put together.

    This can be seen in my github where I have many files that contain the separate codes for each of the functions.