Building the structure for the lights

A project log for Work Table Light

The goal is to learn about ADC as well create a custom and unique work table light.

Alvi AhmedAlvi Ahmed 09/12/2019 at 13:010 Comments

This structure sits on top of the table and 3 "sections" of LED strips will be placed underneath.

This structure also doubles as a shelf  and also has various screws and nails to hang my tools. 

Below are pictures of the process of building the structure (click on picture to view bigger version):

Designing The Structure:

Rough Sketches

Rough Sketches

Rough sketches and designs for the general form and shape of the structure

Side View

Side View

Detailed design of the side of structure 

Front / Top View 

Building the Structure:

Building the Sides

Attaching the back cross bar

Attaching the top of the structure

The basic completed structure

However I do not intend to leave this structure looking like this, since this is now part of work station/flow, adding motorized/level changing shelves, places for tools and off course the actual work table light is a must.