First Stage, Assemble and Test the CPLD

A project log for Building a 68030 computer in 5 stages

Based on Tiny030 design

PlasmodePlasmode 02/21/2019 at 16:130 Comments

Start off with a blank Tiny030 pc board:

The first stage is to assemble and test the CPLD by driving a few LEDs.  The CPLD is Altera EPM7128SLC84 hosted in a through-hole 84-pin PLCC socket.

Add the 68681 40-pin socket because jumpers are needed to connect CPLD output to 7-segment display.  Populate the EPM7128SLC84 as shown and insert 4 jumpers from the 68681 socket as follow:

This connect 4 currently unused CPLD outputs to 4 of the 7-segment display.  Also populate the oscillator.  Here is the Altera CPLD programming file.