MCP3008 vs ADS1015

A project log for Design and Build a Companion Robot for MS Care

The project aims to design and build a companion robot for aid in primary and secondary progressive Multiple Sclerosis care.

joshastley1joshastley1 03/18/2019 at 12:040 Comments

A transformer is required to convert the analog pulse signal to a digital signal since the raspberry pi has no analog pins. I tried two different connections. 

I found that the second configuration was much easier to code for and overall more accurate. I compared the pulse values to those given by a garmin smartwatch. using GPIO pins the pulse varied wildly and gave a value of 138BPM compared to the gramins value of 78BPM. Using the SPI library The pulse was measured at 78BPM compared to 72BPM by the smartwatch. This is within the standard tolerances used in portable heart rate monitors at a commercial level.

The code and wiring diagram can be found in the file log and instructions.