Raspberry Pi USB Host MIDI hub

Turn any Raspberry Pi into a USB host MIDI hub with networking.

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This project turns any Raspberry Pi into a USB host MIDI hub. The simplest case is to plug two USB MIDI devices into the MIDI hub. The Pi hub automatically routes MIDI IN to MIDI OUT of the two USB MIDI devices. No user intervention is required. Once setup, the MIDI hub is as easy to use as an Ethernet hub/switch. For example, plug in a guitar amp/effects box and a MIDI stompbox controller. If DIN interfaces are needed, there are many USB MIDI to DIN cables.

Linux supports USB MIDI devices but user intervention is required to patch MIDI IN to MIDI OUT. This project automatically detects and cross connects MIDI IN to MIDI OUT for all MIDI devices it finds.

In addition, ipMIDI is supported for all USB MIDI devices so MIDI devices may be connected to other computers or other MIDI hubs. To run ipMIDI on Mac or Windows see

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