Xiaomi M365 Controller

A custom open-source replacement for the BLE controller (the brains) of the Xiaomi m365 Scooter.

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A custom open source scooter controller + arduino based firmware. It will optionally integrate various mobile internet modules (using the Tinygsm library), various GPS modules and various displays.
The controller will talk to the stock xiaomi motor controller and BMS board via 1 wire half duplex serial using the native Xiaomi protocol. Data like GPS location, battery status, lock status etc. will be able to be sent via mobile internet to a server (will design a simple one in PHP for proof of concept).
Ideally it will be mostly modules (esp32, gps, internet), an LED driver for the flashlight and small 3.3v regulator. So it should be well within reach for anyone to build themselves or for the Chinese to copy endlessly :)

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