Sorry for the Inactivity! (again) Research Update:

A project log for (Exosuit?)/VR Controlled Bot

This is going to be a long and hard project - and a really expensive one too. I'm happy to take you along for the ride!

adam-jensenAdam Jensen 04/11/2019 at 04:053 Comments

I want to start off by saying sorry for being inactive. I am taking classes and this project will be completed, but it is not the only thing in my life.

Ok, update:

I have completed the 3-D digital model, but the application I used is not compatible with 3D printers or any type of metal cutting, bending, shaping, shaving, etc... machinery, and I want to give that option, so if you know of an app that is compatible with this kind of stuff please post it in discussions or email me at the address in the description.

Thank you all for following the project! It makes me feel much better that people are actually interested in what I am trying to do, and remember, if you have questions, comments, and advice, please post it in discussions, write a comment, or email me. Again, thank you all!


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