portable power station

It is a bunch of useful stuff packed in a portable case

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I know this is nothing new, and honestly i built this many years ago, but i saw it sitting on my shelf connected to the float charger and thought why not? you can take it camping, use it in remote areas, has communication built right in, fill a flat tire, charge your phone, jump start your car, recharge the pack with a 5 watt PV if you drained it(would take many days..), built in charge controller, has a 17AH lead acid battery harvested from a burnt out schumacher device of similar nature(i used what i could from it rather than just throw it in the trash), has a 150 watt power inverter built in, rugged case, all parts are rock solid, its in a faraday cage(mostly). might even be an essential item for the coming zombie apocalypse. i listed it as "ongoing" because i plan to add more to it, maybe change the power storage to LiPo instead.
  • 1 × Battery 17aH Lead Acid
  • 1 × power inverter 150 watt with USB ports
  • 1 × air compressor 90psi(fill tires faster)
  • 1 × Solar charge controller 4.5A pulse charger
  • 1 × PhotoVoltaic 5 watt UL solar brand

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