Planning the perfboard layout

A project log for TIRO Vibrating Watch

TIRO (Time is Running Out) is a watch that vibrates every few minutes to remind the user that time in this world is quickly running out.

accidentalrebelAccidentalRebel 03/14/2019 at 08:160 Comments

I am now moving to the next stage of my prototype, which is moving the circuit from the breadboard to perfboard. This means no more new hardware features will be added anymore, at least for this version of the project. I have plans on adding an on-off button and hooking up external clock, but that would be for the next iteration.

Before I could do the move I needed a container first. Sadly, 3D printing a case is out of my reach at the moment, so I have to make do with using the shell of a car Bluetooth device that I have lying around.

Using this case means that I can't be able to wear it as a watch. I was thinking of drilling holes on the sides and slip a watch band through the case. It would not look good but since it's only a prototype, aesthetics is not my priority at the moment.

Thankfully, the CR2032 coin cell fits perfectly! I just had to modify the arrangement and placement of the components and ended up with the one below:

The top image is the top view of the prototype with the components shown, while the bottom image shows the solder connections underneath.

It's a bit tight but I am very happy with the placement. The disc motor I'd have to secure to the casing in some way to make sure that the vibration is more pronounced. Maybe tape it to the top wall, or maybe put it at the bottom of the board? We'll see.

I'll be starting the soldering possibly this weekend.