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A project log for TIRO Vibrating Watch

TIRO (Time is Running Out) is a watch that vibrates every few minutes to remind the user that time in this world is quickly running out.

accidentalrebelAccidentalRebel 03/15/2019 at 08:370 Comments

Initially I was planning to use the case of a bluetooth dongle as the container for my prototype. Even though I said that aesthetics is not important for now, it did bug me that the case did not look like a watch at all.

I reasoned to myself that in order for me to properly evaluate my prototype, I need to be able to wear it as a watch. To most makers this is an easy problem thanks to 3D printing. Sadly, I don't have one so I have no choice but to use whatever is lying around.

Here's a toy watch that I "borrowed" from my daughter (She's 4, she wouldn't mind).

Opening it up shows that there is a lot of room for my project.

There was actually too much room that I cut it so it's not too bulky. So it turned from this:

To this:

I'll still be using the circuit diagram I posted before which means we'll still have our 6x10 perfboard which will be hotglued onto the back side of the watch, along with the disc motor.

The CR2032 battery, on the other hand, I might hotglue to the other side. If there is enough space, I might even add one more battery, and run them in parallel. This will give us a longer lifespan (BTW, lifespan experiments is still ongoing. It's still running 5 days in).

I've ordered a bigger watch band for adults. I'm expecting it to arrive by next week. Hopefully, I'm done soldering this thing together by then.