ESP32 and MAX30102 - massive upgrade

A project log for ESP Heart Rate Monitor

Updates browser couple times a second with realtime heartrate graph, displays heartrate and oxygen concentration. 03/02/2019 at 18:090 Comments

A couple of days ago I got my first ESP32 module and a MAX30102 module and decided to upgrade.

The ESP32 is a real good upgrade - I tripled my tcp update rate and doubled the max30102 sampling rate to 100Hz, while decreasing the number of dropped packets by 95+%. The ESP32 has much more memory so my buffer sizes are no longer an issue and don't have to worry about task stack allocation sizes.

I feel emboldened to move the dsp ops over to the esp, including butterworth filtering, raw data averaging and floating point conversion.

My daughter is attending a  'Girls Who Code' Club meeting over at WPI this winter and is learning some html coding - so I got her on the rope to add at least a few style tags to the html page.

ps. Upgrading from esp8266 was not bad. I am currently maintaining separate IDF toolchains (but it looks possible that the esp32 tools might work with the 8266 as long as you configure in menuconfig - which would be worth doing), some of the library functions changed slightly but we're talking 99% of code portable.