LP3D: A fully lasercut kit 3D printer

LP3D is a fully lasercut, low component count 3D printer kit using 35byj-46 steppers and a backlash compensation system ontop of Marlin.

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I started this project just about 4 months ago now, and it's still very much in the development stage.

LP3D is a low cost, prusa style FDM 3D printer. The printer consists of a heavily cross braced 6mm lasercut frame, with the x-axis and y-axis rack system cut directly into the frame.

Each axis rides on a lasercut roller and slide bearing system, and will (hopefully) be driven by 35byj-46 stepper motors. The brain of the printer is a RAMPS 1.4 board and an arduino mega running a slightly modified version of Marlin to compensate for backlash.

Currently, my largest issue with this printer is building adjustable sliders to account for variance in the lasercut sheets I'm buying, as sheets slightly too thick, (>6.1mm) bind the sliders immediately. This has been surprisingly frustrating, so if anybody has any suggestions, I'd be extremely grateful.

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Luke Wallace wrote 03/05/2019 at 06:45 point

Thankfully, 3D printers have very little load on the printhead compared to the load on an endmill, and the largest factor you generally have to take into account is the force from accelerating an axis up to speed.

Since this printer is designed to be low speed the acceleration force is negligible. So aside from friction between the slide bearings and the frame, the driving force shouldn't increase backlash in any one direction.

As far as machine rigidity goes, the frame as it stands is braced quite liberally and should be sufficient for the forces involved. Take a look at the photos! I finally got around to posting a couple. :)

- Lucas

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agp.cooper wrote 03/01/2019 at 12:12 point

So where are your designs and pictures?


Backlash is not as simple to solve as you might expect. The machine rigidity also is important.

I have a cheap Chinese CNC machine (i.e. 6040) and although I can drive it hard the resulting backlash is quite unacceptable (millimetres!). Even driving it lightly, requires some compensation.

The problem is the amount of compensation depends on the load and to some extent the direction of the load. Its not just the machine frame but also the cutter/drill flexes.


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Daniel Mazurkiewicz wrote 03/15/2019 at 18:39 point

But if your backlash is same everywhere you can fix it in software (for sure to less than millimeters)

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