At the Six-Month Mark

A project log for Bin Level Monitoring

Designing an IoT device to monitor and report the fill level of bins for holding recyclable discards of various kinds.

Kris WinerKris Winer 10/12/2019 at 19:080 Comments

October 12, 2019

My son didn't make much progress over the Summer on the 3D-printed container. Oh well...

I have been ignoring this Bin Level Monitor as usual but decided to take a look at what is just after the six month mark after deployment. Is it still working?

This is the bin level record over the last month:

showing that 1) the Bin Level Monitor is still ticking and 2) the record of fill level remains more or less accurate.

Here is the battery level over the last six months:

So after a little bit of settling at the beginning of deployment the battery voltage has been relatively constant at 3.0 V within a percent or so over the last five months with no indication of ageing or dissipation. How long will this 950 mAH coin cell battery last? I'll let you know...