Episode 1 - where we talk about programming langages

A project log for Wendy

Wendy is a UV laser projector for alt photographic process printing

pierre-loup-mPierre-Loup M. 03/02/2019 at 21:060 Comments

This project began using Arduino on laser side (more on that later), and Python on computer side. Maybe a bit ambitious for a first project using Python, but I need goals to learn something new. :)

I don't remember exactly what specific libraries were used for the user-side program, but I remember two things. The first is that it quickly became quite intricate, with sub-programs for different functions that were inter-related, and all linked to the GUI. This is mainly a problem of program architecture, but to me Python made the things a bit more difficult...
The second thing is that if Python is very good at doing a lot of things, when it comes to compute big batches of data (i.e. compute an angle for each X and Y position of each pixel of an image) it's quite slow... First tries were made with small files, but 2 minutes for a 300x400 pixel image is not something we want to experience each time we want to create picture !

So Python was quickly cancelled for this project.