Thumpware Media Controller

Use your headphone buttons to control sound and video on your PC

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Do you use your mobile phone's earphones with your pc?
Now you can use the earphone buttons to control the sound and video on your computer.
No more having to scramble for your mouse or take your headphones out when someone’s talking to you.

The Thumpware Media Controller lets you use your headphone buttons to Pause, Play or Skip your music and videos on your computer. You can also turn your computer volume up, down or mute it, just as you would on your Android phone or tablet.
All you need is your headphone port and a USB port.

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Stuart Longland wrote 11/09/2019 at 23:00 point

Nice design… but beware of the position of the ground pin on some phone headset ports.

Some have sleeve as the ground (e.g. my ZTE T83; OMTP standard) others have microphone connected to sleeve, with ground being the ring nearest the sleeve (e.g. Apple; AHJ/CTIA standard).  As @Simon Chantrill rightly points out, 3 certainties in the world: "death, taxes, and what ****ing standards?".

This caught me out with an Asus headset that was advertised as "compatible with mobile devices"… the solution was a short adaptor cable.  You can buy ready-made adaptors too, but I found the one I got stuck out about 40mm and the microphone connection wasn't that reliable (although earpiece audio was fine).

Core Electronics sell a short 4-pole TRRS cable with flying leads (CAB-11580) which will fit phones like the T83, and through Mouser (490-SR-3540-01) I was able to get a TRRS socket to mate with the headset.

In your adaptor, if you have room somewhere (tight I know) a very small DPDT switch, you could have the adaptor handle both varieties of headset.

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Naga Ravi wrote 11/09/2019 at 21:45 point

Better to buy Bluetooth earphones it's better then carrying those wires around.....🙂

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Stuart Longland wrote 11/09/2019 at 22:36 point

Yep, until you step outside, and the 3rd harmonic of the local cellular tower wipes out your 2.4GHz Bluetooth link… My Logitech H830 and the Optus 3G cell at Milton are not on talking terms.

Thus rather than trying to use the terrible wired earphones my phone came with on my computer, I use my computer's headset on my phone.  No pairing to worry about, no drop-outs, better battery life out of the phone because it doesn't have to power a Bluetooth transceiver, and the audio quality on calls is much improved because you're not relying on crappy HSP audio (8kHz sample rate).

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Naga Ravi wrote 11/10/2019 at 00:06 point

Yes I'll agree with that too but in certain conditions....

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