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A project log for LED Cubular - LED Desktop Cube

Arduino based; 6 PCBs all with 64 LEDs on the outer face to form a li-po powered cube of 384 LED coolness!

jack-flynnJack Flynn 06/04/2019 at 11:112 Comments

Pedestal Mock Up

One of the key ideas of the LED Cubular is that once it's assembled it should be chargeable and re-programmable without disassembly. This is why on the bottom board it has a number of exposed pads to allow for this. The pads will touch on pogo pins on a "pedestal" platform that interfaces with the cube. I put together a general mock up of the pedestal and I like the idea of including a neopixel-24 ring within it to give a nice RGB glow around the cube. The cut corner on the cube ensures we get the orientation correct once it's placed on the pedestal. The pedestal will require it's own microcontroller to ensure power is applied only when there's a good connection and should add a level of safety that prevents any damage, kind of like a mac book handshake when plugging in power. This built in microcontroller will also allow reprogramming the cube and manage the neopixel ring as well as some button inputs which may be used to change the active "mode" the cube is in or some other functions.

Some mock up images of where my thoughts are at

Anyone got a 3d printer to spare? :D


Gerben wrote 06/04/2019 at 13:20 point

Maybe you can make it from flex-pcb and also enter it into the contest q-;

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Jack Flynn wrote 06/05/2019 at 09:04 point

ha! just make all the pcbs flexible! 

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