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YihuiYihui 03/08/2019 at 04:380 Comments

A smart speaker should not only work with Internet, but also work when offline. The ARM processors of most smart speakers are powerful enough to recognize voice commands offline. Here is a demo of how an offline + online voice assistant (Chinese version) looks like. 

The conversation is:

Human : 开灯  ( lights on )

Speaker : ( recognized it offline and turned on the Mi LED Desktop Lamp through local network )

Human : 几点了 ( what's the time )

Speaker: 现在是19点34分 ( it's 19:34 )

Human : 小呆小呆,20/3 等于多少  ( "a hotword", how much is equal to 20/3 )

Speaker: 20/3等于6.667 (20/3 is equal to 6.667)

"开灯 ( lights on )" and "几点了 ( what's the time )" are voice commands which are recognized offline. When a hotword is detected, it will enable online voice service to handle the conversation.

In this demo, I use chumenwenwen's SDK for offline speech recognition and use dueros as the online voice service.

The source code is

Thanks to that we can control  the Mi LED Desktop Lamp through local network.

Next step is to make an English version. Stay tuned!