New design: Linear 4 Mic Array & Amplifier

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YihuiYihui 03/25/2019 at 15:390 Comments

The first prototype based on ReSpeaker 4-Mic Linear Array has an issue that its microphones and FPC connector are on top of the PCB. It's not easy to attach the mic array to the case.

Besides, we want a cheaper, more compact and lower power consumption option.

So we just designed a new mic array. It works with NanoPi Neo Air, which is cheaper and lower power consumption than Raspberry Pi

The initial thought was like:

There are 4 microphones, 3 LEDs and 2 mounting holes. The mounting holes are also touch pads which can be used with metal screws as touch buttons. While it was hard to place all the components with this design, so we made some adjustments.

The new design is:

There are 4 microphones, 4 LEDs and 2 mounting holes and 1 touch pad + mounting hole.

You may notice that "VOICEN - Linear 4 Mic Array" is on the PCB, which is the product name.

We got the design work done at March 19th, and sent the gerber files to makerfabs, which provides PCB prototyping service at March 20th.

Today, we got the PCBs!!!

Based on the date on the packages, we can find that the PCB manufacturing process was actually super rapid. Its delivery took most of the time.

Do you like the design or the name "VOICEN - Linear 4 Mic Array"? Just leave a comment here.