With the modern Arduino boards, like ESP32 and ESP8266,
we have network connectivity (WiFi).

WiFi can be used for streaming debugging information in real-time.

Why not use it to debugging wireless, instead standard Serial.print,
by serial cable ?

And debug WiFi projects, as IoT devices or moving robots, 

can be not easy or funcional, with debug over serial cable.

For this that the RemoteDebug library was made.

With this library the debugging is wireless (over WiFi),
by a standard telnet client (MacOSX and Linux) or putty (Windows), 
instead of serial connection (by USB cable).
In future we can debug over an web app  too.

This library is good for IoT projects, home automation,
mobile robots (can debug it in moviment with a cable ?)
or another WiFi projects.

And it have a lot of benefits over standard debug using only Serial print commands:

  • It is optimized
    This library is optimized for CPU and memory, and only process debug commands if have anyone connected, debugging.
  • Have debug levels
    All modern platforms have debug levels,  as used in Android, iOS and ESP-IDF.
  • It is easy to migrate
    Few modifications in your code, to migrate to RemoteDebug. And have an converter to do it for you (in development, ETA 2019-03-05)
  • Have a simple software debugger Now RemoteDebug, have an simple sofware debuggger,  based in codes of SerialDebug library.
  • And more

Please access the RemoteDebug repository to more informations:


And see it in action on Youtube: