Casting tin

Makeing a mold with wood to cast THINGS

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I had this idea to use tin to make an object, i didn't know what it was going to be but i was
just trying to see if i could make it work. I milled the contours of the rectangle into the 80mm x
50mm x 9mm piece of wood.The diagonal part had to be milled diagonally so i made this
other part of wood that could be clamped down at an 10 degree angle.

Now to the casting part of this project: i melted the solder with a propane torch in a small container than i poured in the mold, i did this about 6 times until the mold was filled. For the source of tin i used solder because thats what i had lots of. The resin in the solder lets the tin to flow well and won't oxidize. Because the tin in the mold didn't connect i used a 80w soldering iron to reflow the solder until the casting was one whole part.

All in all the project was fun and relatively easy (and could be done even with hand tools), but next time i will do some things differently like
Using a biger pouring device

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ekaggrat singh kalsi wrote 10/19/2020 at 22:56 point

i had done this back when i was studying , to make keyrings for my institute. Those sold like hot cake. One piece of advice: pour excess tin/solder and then press from above using a plaster or cement block ( anything heat resistant but not a conductor of heat ) . that makes the mold filed edge to edge. Otherwise due to surface tension the metal tends to curl on the corners

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