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A project log for Skrypt

An Off-the-grid messaging system.

TaiwoTaiwo 03/14/2019 at 16:500 Comments


When I created this project page, I had no LoRa module at hand . I still don't, but I had to get started. I checked my stash of unused components, and found a pair of NRF24L01.

An RF transceiver, that is not LoRa.

 I played around with its transmission and reception of  messages. I used Serial via the Android Arduino application serial console on both phones. It worked, not well enough, but enough to prove a point. 

My Android development skill is close to non-existent, and I hope to use Thunkable to make an app that interfaces with the ESP32 Bluetooth and sends and receive message from the hardware.


I began making the schematic diagram early this morning. The device was to have 

I  used 0805 components and the ESP32 Pico D4. The PCB layout is not complete and I thought I'd share the PDF of the schematic.

This is the progress so far.