Change of project name.

A project log for Skrypt

An Off-the-grid messaging system.

TaiwoTaiwo 07/16/2019 at 19:090 Comments

I received an email today stating that the project  name "LoraSleeve"  needs to be changed as it contains LoRa which is a registered trademark of Semtech. This and some other things were the contents of the email. I had to change the project name to something not "LoRa" to avoid the project from being removed from the website.

So, here we are. Skrypt is the term that came to my mind immediately. Why ? I don't know myself. If another name pops up, I'll update appropriately. If you have a suggestion for a name, do well to  comment and we'll review it together.

I have been a little busy these few weeks and I'll be back updating the project as it progresses. I have done some hardware tests with modules attached together and we seem to be on the right path. 

There might be a need for an android application as I have been using BLE terminal apps and UART over USB OTG for my tests.