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A project log for ESPresso Scale

Fully open source scale with ADS1232 24-bit ADC, ESP32 MCU and some coffee related software features.

jousisjousis 03/07/2019 at 00:010 Comments

v1.1 release is working properly but I have major issues with ESP32's capacitive sensors.

They do not work well behind plastic. Although I new that before I thought I could get away with 0.4mm  walls but I eventually want to plasti-dip the scale and the extra thickness of that made the buttons unreliable.

So, I am testing now a new version of the PRO pcb with connectors for the usual TTP223 touch button modules. There are 3 headers with separate VCC,IO,GND pins and one built in touch sensor (TTP223). Those TTP modules are very good, I have used them in various projects and I do not expect to have any issues with this approach. At the same time, the headers are very convenient since now I can connect regular buttons (all I/Os chosen have pullups).

Soon I will also update the firmware project files with many minor changes and improvements.