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A project log for Flexible Metal Detector

Taking inspiration from @BugejaCarl I whipped up a flexible metal detector board based on lpodkalicki 's attiny13 design

Ray OlsenRay Olsen 03/08/2019 at 04:560 Comments

I really just wanted to jump into this project, mainly with out thinking/looking

I've seen [Carl]'s projects hear and some of his progress on twitter.  I popped open EagleCAD and went straight for the ULP's.  


copying the spec's from the original:

I went with 0.5 mm for the width and 30 turns as specified 

I used 0.2 spacing as that is the minimum for flexible PCB from OSHpark

Which dumped out this:

I wasn't sure if i was going to be able to line up the vias since Eagle is a baby.  I am going to look into separating this as well as spacing out the center to make a more usable coil for metal detecting.

I streamed myself working on this

Watch Flex PCB Design Contest from tankstein on