• Progress

    Hamlin03/08/2019 at 20:43 0 comments

    |-------------------------------------------- Initial (08 Mar 19) ---------------------------------------------|

    - Modeled battery tray and source (pwr) system

    - Modeled mounting surfaces for components

    - Determined dimensions of chassis (PLA Spacers/All-Thread)

    - Modeled/printed solar panel arrays

    |-------------------------------------------------- 12 Mar 19 --------------------------------------------------|

    - Modified solar panel array to compensate for shorter chassis and increase accessibility to micro controller(s)

    - Heavily modified and printed source system

       >> Programmed individually addressable LEDs to simulate booster engine

       >> Printed ignition tube, wired LEDs, mounted system inside source

       >> Modified rotating assembly w/guide; mounted system and tested

    - Began assembling chassis; source functional/capable of rotation

    Note: Multiple issues with corner warping on prints. Issues began after replacing extruder fan which is directly wired to a source; rewired to sequence with a regulated fan and decreased rpms. 

    |-------------------------------------------------- 15 Mar 19 --------------------------------------------------|- - Modeled and printed surfaces for 9-axis gyroscope

    - Mounted GPS, shortened external antenna coaxial cable

    - Modified booster simulation sketch

    - Modified/printed Uno mounting surface to permit access to Nano

    - Researched how to interchangeably communicate with GPS via serial and BLE via AltSoftSerial