Plans for 2020, and OSHWA certification

A project log for Yet Another m68k Homebrew

A full-featured Motorola 68k homebrew, this time with a 68010 running at 8MHz

Ross BamfordRoss Bamford 12/31/2019 at 14:230 Comments

Wow, it's been a bit quiet here since August, and for that I apologise. I've been very busy with work and family commitments and haven't had much time to spend on any of my personal projects. However, as we move into 2020 I'm planning to ramp it back up!

In no particular order, this is what's on the agenda next year:

Generally speaking, what I'm hoping to achieve in 2020 is having a small offering of bare boards and possibly kits for this project at a very reasonable price. The kits would of course included pre-programmed PLDs and ROMs.

In the meantime, the project is now OSHWA certified (number six in the UK). Although the project has always been open-source hardware, and has the open-gear icon, that is very much self-certification - the OSHWA certification is recognition that the project fits with wider-community definitions of open hardware, and I'm looking forward to putting the mark on the revision one board!