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A project log for DSKorder

A handheld interface from the future or past.

XasinXasin 05/23/2019 at 11:210 Comments

Well, been a while since the last log entry, hasn't it?

Don't worry, you haven't missed much ... Apart from getting the WiFi to work, finalizing how programs are run, adding a first set of those, and working on implementing a first sensor attachment - and what could be better than the very powerful (but slightly expensive) BME680!

I gotta say, it was a beast to get working, as the calibration methods used by the manufacturer are ... Extensive (do we really need a quadratically temperature-corrected humidity display? Maybe, maybe not), but my god the sensor data it provides is really smooth.

I've also gotten around to adding a proper casing to the sensor and, what's more important, it gets auto-detected when you plug it in!

The best part is the WS2812 LED in the BME's casing, which gives a visual air quality reading as a colorfade from Cyan (freaking great air) to Green (your standard, everyday oxygen) to orange and red (a literal brick wall to walk into).
If the DSKorder is connected to a MQTT server it also publishes the information onto the network, making it quite easy to use the DSKorder for remote air quality monitoring!