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A project log for DSKorder

A handheld interface from the future or past.

XasinXasin 06/19/2019 at 14:330 Comments

Man, I really am a bit lazy with this documentation, am I not?
Well, considering that this is mostly just a comfy project for myself, I suppose it's alright ^^' 

Over the past few weeks, the DSKorder has received continuous but relaxed polishing, as one does. Functionality is starting to improve, and we're slowly munching through some few bugs in the software.

One small note: The AS1115 LED and button matrix driver is starting to become a pain in the butt.
It does what it's supposed to, however, it decided to not react to the "Self-Addressing" command any more. This means it now occupies the I2C address of 0 - not the best, but since so far nothing else is using General Call, it'll survive.
I'm still looking for replacements.

The biggest changes of the past few weeks are the following though, most of which are quite interesting:

In fact, let's give you a closer look to that last part:

Yes, yes I know. The usefulness of a MIDI-File on such a little handheld device is ... Marginal. However, this was a great test for ... Err ... Sequenced ... Somethings ...
Alright fine I just wanted it to play funky music. But it works great, give or take the audio artefacts from the tiny-ass speaker it has, and in theory we should be able to use this for our Lasertag project as well - by allowing us to add very long runtime background music with minimal memory consumption! (Seriously, these MIDI's are TINY)

Anyhow, we'll be continuing our work on the DSKorder as need arises. Next up will be, for example, establishing various communication protocols like UART, I2C or SPI, as well as adding a voltage level monitor on the external pins to be able to read out battery voltage and current consumption!