Rapid 3D models with Excel and OpenScad

Excel front end for OpenScad for the rapid development of 3D models and animations

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3d models are described using simple 3d objects such as cubes cylinders sphere and links to more complex objects such as STL files and creating OpenScad files automatically in a few seconds. Column headings are xyzS for scale, xyzR for rotation, RGB for color,T for opaqueness,xyzT for translation. MINUS in the text of a cell in column D causes the object in that row and all following rows in that module to be subtracted from the objects in the rows above. Second photo shows the openscad file and object created. Third photo shows a pop up form that allows you to modify the position, rotation, or size of the object in the row that contains the selected cell ( in this case E2208) Not shown in this project is additional code that quickly collapses and expands the rows like an outliner to make efficient use of the displayed area. Last photo is one frame of an animation I developed of a 3-story town house that rotates and flies apart and comes back together. See link below

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drdunc1000 wrote 03/14/2019 at 22:19 point

I'll try to put something up in the file area of this project in a few days.  It's a bit complicated because  I use a lot of custom excel macros for convenience but they aren't really needed for the excel front end for openscad.  Also my general macro has quite advanced features that I use but would make deciphering of the code difficult for a non-advanced excel  or open scad user.  I need to simplify it and (probably do a tutorial).  All that is well and good but I don't know if there is the interest warrant that effort.  I guess I'll make an attempt and see how it goes.

Are you an excel user currently?  Do you know how to use formulas in cells?

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Mike Szczys wrote 03/14/2019 at 19:08 point

It's very cool to link excel and OpenSCAD. Do you have a repository with the code so that others can try? If not, will you post it to the file section of this project?


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