This is a project i have been getting around to for years. I had a nice HP scanner with ADF set aside for this project.  But a Canon Pixma 8800F became available and it has numerous buttons which can be scanned and read by a Linux host using scanbd (scanner button daemon). I plan to leave this device in the makerspace for everyone to use and would like folks to be able to use it from any computer or standalone with a USB thumb drive.  We don't have a copier and it sure would be handy to be able to scan paperwork to images or PDFs or print a copy.  This has some audio prompts to guide one through the process of creating a document.

USB ports will be added to the case.  Most likely I will modify the black front panel piece you see to include USB.  Or if there isn't enough room I will 3D Print a completely new front face for the scanner. If there is room for media card readers to not look weird I may add those as well.

Future additions might include a RFID reader so members can swipe their badge to have a document emailed to them. The focus will be on a minimal user interface with clear instructions.