The circuit consists of an Arduino mini pro, a barometric pressure sensor (BMP085) for detecting the "blow", two IR barriers (TCRT5000) for detecting hand movement and an SSR (solid state relay) to control the 3W LED lamp. See the schematics to see how I made it.

Of course I need to program Arduino to perform the follow functions:

  • When the circuit is powered for the first time, it commands the SSR to turn on the lamp;
  •  When the lamp is on, it reads the barometric sensor. If an increase in pressure is detected, then the sensor turns off the lamp by randomly emitting a few flashes (candle effect) and turns off the red LED on the front;
  • When the lamp is off it, reads the IR barriers. If a left-to-right motion is detected, it turns on the lamp and turns off the red LED on the front.

The sketch is attached.