This is a Raspberry Pi based Home Automation Manager.  It utilises mosquitto, Homebridge, Homebridge-mqtt, Domoticz and the projects contained in my other GitHub repositories to automate airconditioning, doorbell, lighting, power outlets, flood sensors, door sensors, window blinds and a garage door opener.

System Overview

This shows the four Raspberry Pi based controllers that comprise the system, the mqtt messages that allow them to communicate with each other and the end devices that they manage.

Software Functional Overview

This outlines the Python objects of the Home Manager controller and how they interact with Domoticz, Homebridge and the three other controllers that comprise the overall system.

Aircon Controller

This is a  controller for a Mitsubishi air conditioner (Model FDC508HES3) to provide mqtt control of the airconditioner using the serial communications link that runs between Mitsubishi's RCD-H-E remote control unit and the CNB port on the air conditioner's control board. Also provides the ability to control a damper so that airflow can be directed to the correct air conditioning zone. An inclinometer is provided for the damper in order to detect its position and control the air flow between zones with greater precision. This Home Manager code captures the actual temperatures of each room, compares those temperatures to desired temperature levels and controls the air conditioner and damper to align the desired and actual temperatures. Room temperatures can be set and monitored by the Apple Home App on an iOS device or via Domoticz. Also has a Ventilate Mode to provide air circulation without air conditioning.

Aircon Logs and Analytics

Logging of the key aircon data is undertaken to allow analysis and optimisation of its performance. Here are some examples:

Doorbell Monitor

This  monitor provides doorbell automation for a Fermax 4 + N Electronic Door Entry System This project uses a Raspberry Pi to:

  • Auto Mode: Play a recoded message when the doorbell is rung and open the door so that deliveries can be left in a secure location
  • Manual Mode: Places a Video SIP call to your mobile phone when the doorbell is rung so that you can see the person at the door and converse with them
  • Idle Mode: Normal door station functions take place. In all modes, a photo of the caller is taken and stored for later reference and a pushover message is sent that contains the photo. There is also the option to only allow Auto mode during certain hours of the day and days of the week and to disable auto mode if the apartment's door is open.

In addition to the mode setting buttons and indicators, an mqtt interface is provided in the doorbell monitor to allow the Home Manager to remotely set modes and to open the door manually.

Garage Door Opener

This Garage Door Opener is a simple Raspberry Pi project to open a garage door remotely using mqtt commands generated by this Home Manager when requested by the Apple Home App button. It uses an existing garage door remote.

Window Blind Control

Control of window blinds is enabled via a Somfy myLink Interface. Each blind can be manually adjusted via the Apple Home App to one of three positions (closed, open or venetian). Home Manager also provides the capability to:

  • Link the blind control to an external light sensor and temperature sensor so that the blinds will automatically adjust to external light and temperature levels. That automatic mode can be manually over-ridden from the Appkle Home App.
  • Link the blind control to door states so that any blinds covering doors cannot be closed if the door is open.

Z-Wave Sensor Readings and Device Control

The Home Manager interacts with Z-Wave sensors and devices via Domoticz and uses Homebridge to allow users to view and control those sensors and devices using the Apple Home App. The following screenshots provide some...

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