An open source magnetic encoder with multiple interfaces and configurations. Designed for robotics and motion control applications.

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OpEncoder is an open source magnetic encoder hardware designed for robotics and motion control applications. It is based on AEAT-8800 IC from Broadcomm. Some features are:

-16-bit resolution (0,0054 degrees ?!)
-PWM output mode
-SSI interface
-UVW interface
-ABI interface
-24 mA current consumption during normal operation conditions
-2,5mm x 2,5mm PCB size

Design and production files of OpEncoder Lite V.1.0 are attached to the project, also they could be found at github page of project. The lite version is intended for size-critical applications and enviroments.

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Giga wrote 05/17/2021 at 14:15 point

Any (Particularly Microchip friendly) code to drive the pain in the ass SPI bus on this thing would be greatly appreciated. I've found some examples already that reassure me that my logic and general understanding of how to configure this chip are OK but man am I struggling to actually write to and read back from the shadow register (0)

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Pavel wrote 04/15/2020 at 09:16 point


I cant find any files. Can you upload it please? 

Thank you, 

BR Pavel

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Giga wrote 05/17/2021 at 14:18 point

I also would like some sauce.

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mco wrote 02/02/2020 at 11:24 point

hi, I am trying to use this ic with microprocessor. But i didn't find any information about OTP mode. At OTP mode, is supposed to operating 5.6V, my microcontroller operate with 3.3V  then i don't know  what will be the voltage of 10( SSI_SCL_SPI_CLK), 11(SSI_NSL_SPI_DI) , 12(SSI_DO_SPI_DO),21(SSI_SPI_SEL) at OTP mode. This mode can damage my processor, Do you have any idea ?

At datasheet of AEAT-8800-Q24 says An internal voltage regulator allows the AEAT-8800-Q24 to operate at either 3.3V or 5V supplies. If this encoder operate lower voltage than 3.3V at inside, Will not give more than 3.3v to its output?  I'm talking for otp mode.

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Luis wrote 08/09/2020 at 03:21 point

OTP mode it's only for reprogram the sensor.

In normal conditions everything is at 3.3V.

On the other hand, if you want to program the sensor because you want it to start in certain mode or with different parameters, then, you have to put 5.6V in the VDD pin of the sensor, but the rest should be 3.3V

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Giga wrote 05/17/2021 at 14:17 point

it SHOULD be a case of just supplying 5v6 to the power rail, don't think that in this case it will output a higher voltage on your interfacing pins, but it's definitely an important consideration. My understanding is that this particular chip is built for this purpose so you'll be fine (My SPI bus is still wiggling and the picoscope attached to it hasn't gone bang yet)

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