Hyperion Touch Vision (HTV)

Hyperion 4k smart mirror powered by a RPi2 and a smart phone.

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Purchased a cheap 4k TV and enclosed it in a wooden frame. Embedded light strips into the frame and covered them with thin acrylic strips for easy maintenance and replacement.

The RPi2 controlling the lights is attached to the removable bottom board for easy access without having to lift the unit off of the wall. Just uses a simple toggle switch in addition to the power one to change one of the USB hubs (with keyboard dongle and IR touch-frame) from the Pi to the external USB device.

All driven by a Samsung device to run Dex. As the IR touch-panel is driver-less the external control device can be almost anything running Windows, Android, iOS, Linux. etc.
  • 1 × HiSense 4k 50in TV
  • 1 × Raspberry Pi 2
  • 1 × Logic Level Shifter, caps, resistor for Pi to lights data line
  • 1 × 12v case fan set w/ built-in temp sensors
  • 1 × WiFi switch for added security / safety to cut power This is mounted at my job, so using this to keep people off if it while not there.

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