Update in 2019/11/21

1. we have update the rotation plate, now the self calibration will be very fast. The resolution of the scanning is stably less than 0.2mm now.

Earlyer Content


We are creating an affordable & easily-to-use 3D Scanner which mostly constructed by PMMA(Acrylic glass) and you can DIY it. Various of 3D Videos could be created from scanning data by our software. 

1.  You can DIY your own 3D Scanner from Materials as follow(199USD):

Instruction of DIY steps will be shared later.

2. Objects could be easily scanned with this device.

3. Our solution is Calibration Board Free

We created a new method which our device will calibrate just itself with NO Calibration Board. Calibration Board free will make it perfect for portable applications.

Details are coming soon.

4.Scanned data could be converted to Video/Anaglyph 3D/VR/Holographic 3D directly with our software.

Details are coming soon.