We're in Rome!

A project log for uECG - small open source wireless ECG sensor

It's cheap, doesn't use a specialized heart rate AFE and can blink LEDs with your pulse :)

ultimate-roboticsUltimate Robotics 10/17/2019 at 14:271 Comment

Makerfaire's a big event here: the ads are on the walls, trams, buses and metro turnstiles. Looks really cool, and everybody knows about it, our apartment landlord included.

So with this exposure, we thought, Rome must have lots of makers, and tools and Arduinos sold at every corner. Imagine our surprise when google searches haven't found almost anything about saldatores (italian for soldering iron) when we really needed one (can't take it on a plane) and we only managed to find it after two days of search at some general tools store on the street. Maybe italians are so cool they just stack arduinos when they need to make a device?

Thing is, in our last few days before the travel, we were really busy finishing the commercial projects to send to clients and trying to fit our own projects in any minute left. Managed to assemble three v4 uECGs and USB bases for them, but successfully forgot two uECGs at home and only realized that in Naples. Were really sad about it, but the third uECG v4 still flew with us, so there's that. We also packed:

So I guess we still have chances at assembling a nice table. Now we are going to Fiera di Roma by a suburban train – cause the Makerfaire is just outside the city area - to get our Makerfaire badges and prepare the booth for tomorrow, but not before we add some evening Colosseum pictures to this update!

We only got to see it in the evening, and it's so huge. Weird thing is how Italians just go around their business, and it just stands there. Love it here!


deʃhipu wrote 10/17/2019 at 15:58 point

Now you have to do like Romans do.

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