uECG is back in stock - and has some hardware updates!

A project log for uECG - small open source wireless ECG sensor

It's cheap, doesn't use a specialized heart rate AFE and can blink LEDs with your pulse :)

ultimate-roboticsUltimate Robotics 03/22/2023 at 21:470 Comments

Hello everyone - uECG is back! It's a small batch for now, so get them while you can!

We have made some changes to the board that will hopefully make it more reliable and efficient - especially the IMU since we had some problems with them in the previous batch. We also produced this batch at JLCPCB as a way of optimizing the process and costs.

Changelog for v.4.52:

and last, but not least,

There will be some more updates in the nearest future, so stay tuned and stay safe!

P. S. And also, check out this cool animation our teammate Olha made specially for this batch's launch:

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