An Arduino Arm for ROS, wait a medical usage.

I read, and have a doubt. can we make some kind of surgery robot with maker utilities?

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I read, and was impacted.
Robot Operation System on Debian Linux system provides motion abilities such as motion-planning and 3D perception. An ROS node program has been given to connect Arduino boards for years.
I built a multi-DoF robot arm feathering these abilities, with toy servos, sg90 and MG996r.
Can we make a surgery robot by ROS and maker utilities?

A 7DoF robot arm made by Arduino and cheap toy servos. All of them worth of $20. But The arm features motion-planning service. 

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    Build the arm by servos and Legos.

    Print some shapes to connect Lego and servos.

    connect servo parts to build a sample 3DoF robot arm.

    Extend it to a 7DoF  robot arm.

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    Prepare an Arduino board and PCA9685 to drive servos
    Connect the robot arm servos and Arduino via PCA9685 which need an independent 6V power.

    Check Arduino pin A4 -> PCA9685 SDA , pin A5->PCA9685 SLC.  GRD -> GRD, 5V->5V

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    Set up a URDF model of the arm in your computer

    Prepare an Ubuntu Linux virtual machine and install ROS.

    Install URDF plugin to Solidworks. 

    Build a robot arm in Solidworks and Export to a URDF file.

    Set up every link

    Press button "Preview and Export" to generate joint configurations.

    Save the project and copy the file folder to Linux ROS catkin workspace.

    Check the folder as a ROS package.

    roslaunch urdf_tutorial display.launch model:=<the robot arm filename>.urdf

    move the model by joint_state_publisher

    It works.

    So, extend it to a 7DoF robot arm model.

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