• Wondering about battery

    Pierre-Loup M.03/25/2019 at 17:41 0 comments

    While working on a project, there is always a moment where some question arise, as "am I right with the choices made", or "shouln't it be better to use this kind of switch", and so on.
    They usually come an hour or two after having ordering the first batch of prototypes.

    This time, there are two things:
    - Should the USB port for powering or charging be placed behind ? It implies a longer support bracket. Maybe putting on one side (sorry for left-handed !) was a better idea...
    - Is the lipo battery really a good idea ? Using cells would be cheaper (ok, the charge circuit costs virtually nothing), and they offer an advantage : when you battery dies and you can't charge it, you can find cells everywhere...

    Feel free to let me know...

  • Work in progress !

    Pierre-Loup M.03/23/2019 at 00:05 0 comments

    This is as new as it could be ! The first drafts have been made this week, the circuit designed, the enclosure as well.
    First pcb prototype batch has been ordered yesterday, as well as components.
    A physical mock-up has been made to see what it would like when finished.
    Now it's time to wait for everything to arrive.
    And refining enclosure, support bracket, and preparing molds...