A project log for DrumKid: aleatoric drum machine

A lo-fi digital drum machine which uses randomness to create unpredictable beats. Runs on Arduino, with audio provided by the Mozzi library.

Matt BradshawMatt Bradshaw 05/28/2020 at 23:100 Comments

Just a quick update to say that I'm getting quicker at assembling and testing DrumKids, and am hoping to launch in the next week or so. I designed a test sketch to quickly check that all buttons, knobs, LEDs and other components are working, and I think I've done all the boring stuff like ordering boxes and figuring out how the post office works. Have made 15 units so far and am enjoying the process more than I thought I would - turns out you can actually listen to music or podcasts when you're working on something repetitive. Anyway, here's a sneak peek: