A solution to the oxygen inhibition problem

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A UV light curing chamber made with an old rack, some aluminum foil, and three 50W UV LEDS. An Arduino is used as a programmable timer.

andrs-lopez-pulzovanAndrés Lopez Pulzovan 10/04/2020 at 18:270 Comments

As discussed in a previous project log update, a way to solve the oxygen inhibition problem (other than just curing for longer times) is to remove oxygen from the surface of the part. An easy way of doing it is to submerge the part to be glued in a flask of water, if the bond and glue allow it. 

A further reduction of the curing time can be achieved if the water is heated (with an inexpensive mains water heater for example) to accelerate the curing reaction.

Curing chamber with flask

The curing chamber with a flask of water
Water heater
An example of the proposed water heater (source: Aliexpress)