Secret Lair Entrance

For an Escape Room Project, this is a tablet + program that requires users figure out a password in order to gain access.

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This project is one in a series for an escape room whose theme is foiling Krampus from destroying Christmas. The idea behind this puzzle is that the users must enter the correct password in order to be granted access. The project uses a tablet PC with a Python app running in the foreground. The buttons have been obscured to prevent people from hacking it.

The players are presented with a door and this screen, which is an HP Stream 7 tablet PC running a python application. The game is pretty simple. Also in the room is a different puzzle called Blind Whackamole, and once that puzzle is beaten the end reveals the numbers 7,13,20. They then come to this puzzle and see that all passwords are 3 characters, but there's no mapping between number and letter. Every time they enter a password, they hit enter and it changes the letters to numbers corresponding to that letter. The correct solution is to do a lookup table and go through A,B,C... until they've found the numbers corresponding to 7,13,20, then enter in that password. For fun, it turns out to be NOG, which is on theme.

There is no consequence to a bad attempt, so it doesn't hurt to try anything. Users at first tried to find patterns, but eventually were able to brute force the solution since there is no pattern.

I've included all the files associated with the project. The only physical part to it is putting some PCB scraps over the top and bottom of the tablet and holding them with electrical tape. This is to prevent them from hitting the home button or interacting with it in any way other than using the keypad. I made a shortcut on the desktop so that when I boot the tablet it's easy to start the app.

Original files, including the python script, font, images, and audio.

Zip Archive - 5.80 MB - 03/24/2019 at 16:24


  • 1 × Tablet PC (I used an HP Stream 7)

  • 1

    You'll need to download and unzip the files onto your tablet PC. Then run:


    That's pretty much it for the software part.

    For the hardware, I used some scrap PCBs and electrical tape to cover up the button and the top and bottom so it would be impossible to press anything or swipe from an edge. That way the only way to interact with it is to enter the password on the screen.

    There's no wireless component; once the user enters the correct password it's up to you to open or unlock the door for them into the secret lair. The sound in the video is just a sound effect on the tablet to pretend to open the door.

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