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A project log for Flexible Coffee Cup Buddy

The aim of this project is to design a flexible PCB that can be attached to a coffee cup and will visually represent the temperature.

Billy-BogardusBilly-Bogardus 04/02/2019 at 03:380 Comments

I learned how to use git today and added a Repository on git hub for the code and board files.

Used Mouser's free Library Loader to create a package outline for the MCP9904T.

The website for Library Loader is If you particular editor does not have the components they will have them or they have a form to help generate one using values from the data sheet.

I am using KiCad, but it also works for Eagle, OrCAD, Altium, and several others.

Found some good articles on driving the WS2812B LEDs.

Here is what I was able to add to the KiCad Drawings Today.

The details are slowly coming together. I'm hoping to use the assigned footprints to plan the shape and size of the Flex board.