Pushing Board Design Forward

A project log for Flexible Coffee Cup Buddy

The aim of this project is to design a flexible PCB that can be attached to a coffee cup and will visually represent the temperature.

Billy-BogardusBilly-Bogardus 04/07/2019 at 00:130 Comments

Lots of Fun work today. The Datasheet for the LED's appeared to recommend filter capacitors on the data line so Those were added. A Pin is placed on each side of the string so the boards can be designed to be daisy chained to add more LED's I want to add more LED's to the string and will do so if there is enough space.
Wired up the Temperature sensor. The data sheet for the sensor also recommended a filter capacitor on the data line.

Also Added a 3V Regulator so the whole board runs on a single 5V Power Supply.

The Resistors and Capacitor on the Left of the microcontroller were recommended by Microchips datasheet for the PIC18F25K80. I chose this Microcontroller because it had a broader temperature range and a fairly small footprint.

In the next post I will address the issue of making a 5V and a 3V I2C device talk to each other.