• Microprocessors supported: 6502, 6809, and Z80.
  • Microprocessor clock runs at ~95kHz (based on Arduino code optimizations).
  • Memory mapping and RAM/ROM/devices handled by Arduino code.
  • RAM : 4~6 KB (using Arduino Mega’s 8KB RAM)
  • ROM : 200+ KB (using Arduino Mega’s 256KB FlashROM)
  • UART emulation (using Arduino Mega’s serial port)
  • Compatible with existing Arduino shields such as LCD/Keypad or SDcard.

Hardware Details

  • Schematics, PCB, gerber files are open-source and available at RetroShield-HW.

Software Details:

Basically, software running on Arduino defines hardware available to microprocessor.

Theory of Operation:

These pages on my website explain how to drive 6502 and 6809 microprocessors using Arduino GPIO's:

PCB & Kits for Sale:

You can purchase PCB & Assembled kits at my website: www.8bitforce.com

Candidate CPU list (in no particular order):

  • RCA1802
  • 68008
  • 8085
  • 8088

Let me know if you like to see other processors.