A project log for Pixel Badge (Shitty Pixel)

An oversized WS2812 conference badge and add-on

blinkingthingblinkingthing 04/27/2019 at 01:350 Comments

Rev 4 of the shitty pixel showed up this week. I made some small tweaks to the art to get things closer to how I envisioned it. I blacked out the IC chip at the center of the pixel. It was bare substrate before this rev, letting light through, but I at least wanted to see what it would look like covered in silkscreen, I think I'm going to keep it this way. I also worked on creating some definition between the large copper areas and the thin areas that represent the bond wires. I think this came out nicely!

Circuitry wise, I added 4 resistors and some pads for ICSP programming. Being new to this, it was really interesting to find out that you can re-program chips in circuit. If I understand all the research I did correctly, I needed to add pull-up resistors for the i2c communication as well as isolating the LEDs that shared pins that are needed for ICSP. I tested this on a breadboard before committing and I was very curious if it would work out when I got the actual boards.