Shitty Pixel : Day 1

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An oversized WS2812 conference badge add-on

Mike SmithMike Smith 03/26/2019 at 22:290 Comments

I've been inspired by the badges of Defcon and Hackaday Supercon that I've seen the past few years and I want to take a shot at designing my own PCB art badge thing.

I use a lot of WS2812B leds and thought it would be fun to make a big one with standard red green and blue led's that light up. 

I traced a microscope's view of an LED in Inkscape to get a vector drawing. I then converted the svg to a KiCad file using the svg2shenzen extension

As this is my first shot at designing a PCB. I'd like to get someone with experience to check my designs to see that soldermask, silkscreen and copper layers will layout as I've intended as well as to check the validity of my circuitry.