Pixled Connected LED Strips

Open-source, easy, cheap and modular solution to create connected LED Strip lighting
Based on RPI server, esp32 and LED strips

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We wanted LEDs lighting but commercial solution are too expensive and we didn't find any open source project to set up easily.

Each LED strip can be controlled individually with a single color (for the moment) or grouped together as rooms to set up the light pattern of your dream.
You control everything through an Android App.

This project is in early development and aims to add many more functionalities as it grows.

This project is meant to works on a wifi network with a RPI as server and ESP32 as modules.  The RPI can create its own local network or work like a bridge or switch if needed.

The setup only needs you to put the server, the modules and the app on the same wifi network, and every component  can find each other on the network. 

You need to add another module ? Just connect it to the wifi and it will appear in your app immediatly.

You can control every LED strip individually or group them as rooms.

Features :

  • RGB and RGBW support
  • As many modules as you want
  • Up to 300leds pro ESP32
  • Single color per LED Strip
  • Auto-Pairing of the APP and modules to the server
  • Device and Device Groups management (color + switch)
  • Views synchronization between groups
  • Real time connection status

Next :

  • Animation : Lighting patterns
  • Web app support
  • Led Matrix support
  • Animation Streaming
  • Nice app design
  • Alexa support
  • OTA udpates

  • 1 × Raspberry pi with wifi, power and 8gb+ SD card raspberry pi 3 or better recommended
  • 1 × 5V LED Strips : As mush as you can RGB LED Strips, WS2812B or SK6812
  • 1 × Esp32 with micro-usb cable One esp32 is needed per LED Strip and can support up to 200 LED for a single Strip.
  • 1 × Alim 5V : 1A for 15 leds
  • 1 × Android Phone App is only available on Android

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