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Setting it up

Picture1. First, dust of any dirt and access dust from the RAM chip and the underside of your Raspberry Pi to prevent any interferences of the adhesive and its contact to the RAM chip. Also, as a safety precaution, make sure no power is applied to your Pi.

Picture2. Tear of the adhesive tape gently off the back of the copper heatsink.

Picture3. Position the RAM copper heatsink on top of the Raspberry Pi RAM chip straight with the exposed, teared-off side facing the chip itself.

Picture4. Paste the heatsink on the chip; aligned properly and securely. Do this in one swift motion.


After my observations and the test results, this product can only make a slight change in temperature, but when your Raspberry Pi is really hot, it can save it from crashing or throttling which is better than not having a heatsink at all. On my Raspberry Pi, this is a necessity as I always run media centres, gaming softwares and many programming softwares, thus, I need to get as much heat away from the Pi as possible. Overall, I think that this isn't a complete necessary product, but if you have it, that's an major advantage to you.

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