It's been a while, and I've made a bunch of progress...

A project log for GrimmPlayer

A Pi Zero based mp3 player with ethernet over USB capability

MattMatt 05/23/2017 at 15:280 Comments

I've been totally neglecting this project page, but not totally neglecting the Grimmplayer itself... Whilst I do bits and pieces here and there and never work on it full time, I'm now very much at a stage where it's a usable device which I can get a fast turnaround on user interface for. Since last update, it has:

So here's a few images in the meantime until I get round to actually updating the parts list:

Yes, the battery is technically taped to the back. Yes I'm powering it over USB externally. Gotta do what you can so you can iterate - I don't doubt that I'll be looking to use a more suitable board with battery charging and a DAC integrated in to it at some point instead so I figure it's best to make the thing usable so you can figure out where to direct your efforts.